What to Do When Your Apple Developer Certificate Expires

When your Apple Developer certificate expires, it can seem like a stressful time.  Did you do something wrong?  Are my apps going to get removed from the store?  How do I fix this and get developing again?  It typically happens once a year, so the process itself can be forgotten.  This guide will refresh you.

Don’t Panic, You are All Good

1) Your apps will be fine.  Your app developer certificate is only needed to do updates, test apps, and upload new apps.  It does not effect your apps in the store.  The only thing you need to be concerned about in that regard is paying your dev fees once a year.

2) Revoke the certificate??  That does’t sound good. — Again, the term seems like trouble, but it will not effect anything on the app store.  It needs to be done.


The Process

1) First thing to do is delete all your old certificates and provisioning profiles.  If you dont, it can cause problems later on.  You will find your certificates in the Keychain Access Utility.  Once open, click on My Certificates.  You likely have one iPhone Developer Cert and one iPhone Distribution Cert.  Delete them both (if you have more than one Dev Cert or Distribution Cert, delete those as well).  To delete your provisioning profiles, I find the easiest way to use the iPhone Configuration Utility (  Once open, click on the Provisioning Profiles tab.  Select the Provisioning Profile and press delete.  Go through and remove them all.  To find both the Keychain Access Utility and the iPhone Configuration Utility (once installed) (1) Open a finder window (2) Click on Applications (3) Go to the Utilities Folder (4) Find the applications there.

2) You now need a new Developer Certificate.  (1)Login to the Apple Dev Center ( (2) Click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles in the right tabs.  (3) Under iOS Apps, click Certificates (4) Click on your certificates and select revoke.  (5) Follow this guide ( from steps 4-11 under Developer Certificate Setup.  Create and add both your iPhone Dev Cert and Distribution Cert at this time.

3) Next you need to fix your Provisioning Profiles.  (1) Click on the Provisioning Profiles tab on the left. (2)  Click on a Provisioning Profile and select edit.  (3) Select the new Certificate and click generate. (4)  Click download.  (5) Do this for all your Provisioning Profiles (6) Put them all in a folder somewhere (7) Select them all and drag them into the Provisioning Profiles window of the iPhone Configuration Utility.


That is it!  Not too bad, right?  Now get back to creating.

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